Speculative visualizations, continued

SunBurst, IORing

I’ve been surprised by how many hierarchies can be extracted from aggregated museum object data. I’ve always liked the look of John Stasko’s SunBursts. Like the treemaps, another space-filling hierarchical display, but radial and a bit mesmerizing when the interaction is done just right. I repurposed some of the arc diagram code and made a quick SunBurst processing sketch. I mashed up / pared down some other visualizations into another really basic sketch. I’d like to think I can combine a few more visualizations in interesting ways (e.g. Bloom Diagram) – still just sketches rather than full applications; not done exploring.

All of the visualizations, the more practical and the speculative, are meant to augment collections navigation and search in some way. More for browsing than directed search tasks, but maybe a bit of both… Reading Marti Hearst’s great survey, Search User Interfaces (ch. 10 in particular).

//TODO: Refine one of the sketches to include some basic interface widgets. And some event triggers – though the visualizations are starting to  look OK, interaction is going to take a while to get right.


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