Week 147

The past two weeks have been extremely hectic.

Aaron and I are just finishing nailing down our plans to go to San Francisco for the TV of Tomorrow festival.  After some initial confusion, we have decided that our presentation will be on March 4th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street (Corner of 3rd & Mission).

I have been working with wunderkind Michael Schieben on the Laborers of Love project, trying to install FFMPEG-PHP on my server.  Eventually I gave up and contacted the creator, who has been very helpful.

Meeting at WARP – went well.  I wrote a little wrapper for Chipmunk for the project that we might be doing for them, but I got caught up in that and didn’t end up making a usable demo.

We also started serious planning for the Eyebeam Mixer. Aaron and I are in charge of organizing a torch relay.  Check out some more info on the recruitment page.

Crowded is going well.  raging81 ended up winning the MinimumNoise contest to edit the first episode, but I also hired another worker, flakolefluk to make an intro sequence. Here is the result:

The new episode is underway. The theme is all about MT workers helping each other.

This particular HIT will be used in the second episode, which is about fostering camaraderie between MT workers. One of the great things about MT is the diversity of the workers and the diversity of the experience that they bring. How can we use this to benefit the workers, not just the requesters.

I also had a nice meeting with the Wardenclyffe people about the POP magazine project that I helped out with.  Sounds like there could be some more interesting work there.

I will be giving a workshop as part of the ElectroSmog festival on PandaStream, “an open source solution for video encoding and streaming”.

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