Week 154

Last week was probably one of the least productive weeks I’ve had in recent history. I had planned on making something Olympic-torch-related for the Mixer last weekend.  I spent all week working on it, but none of it panned out.

Note: This part if basically me complaining, so if you don’t want to hear me complain, skip to the bottom.

Part I

I managed to collect about 10 videos of people running with a torch in my crowdsourcing effort, but only 3 of them came from the Eyebeam call.  The rest came from Mechanical Turk workers, and they all sucked.

Part II

So I ditched that idea and Aaron and I decided to stitch together a bunch of famous “running scenes” from various movies.  We actually got quite a collection, and I will still do something with these someday.  But by the time I had collected all of those, it was 1 day before showtime, and I am not enough of an AfterEffects ninja to do what we wanted to do – which was to composite an olympic torch into the hands of the runners and then make a marathon video.  So we ditched that too.

Part III

So then I decided to do something that I had promised to do, which was to make a little application that would track an IR light and insert an animated GIF of a torch into a camera feed. The IR light would be on top of a torch-like apparatus, so that when one of the olympiads entered the room, a camera would be looking at them and replacing their torch with one of the flames below.

So I spent like 4 hours making the tracking application, but then I got the torch with a single IR LED on it, and the cameras couldn’t track it.  So I went to RadioShack™ and bought 10 more, and I don’t know a thing about electronics, so I asked someone else to rig it up for me, but it didn’t work.


Today I picked a winner for the MinimumNoise contest for Episode 2, which I am very excited about.  I also got Red5 running on my server and I will be making a new Flash recording app so that the audio quality will be better in future episodes.

Also, today we had a meeting with the nice folks from Zero01 about the 01SJ biennial in September, and it looks like we will be able to put on a pretty nice set of workshops there.  So there, this week is better already.  It also seems like Invisible Threads will be part of an online exhibition for the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece. Weird.

This Saturday I will be giving a workshop on Panda as part of the Electrosmog festival at Eyebeam.

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