Youth Programs


What has been traditionally understood as "arts education" at other institutions stands apart at Eyebeam, as our youth programs put aspiring young artists together in a collaborative environment with emerging and established practitioners from the community.

Our three on-going youth programs are After-School Atelier (ASA), an intensive studio-based program on new media art for NYC public high school and middle school students; Girls-Eye View (GEV), a program for NYC middle school girls that encourages experimentation with technology; and Digital Day Camp (DDC), our annual summer program that teaches students about new art and technology tools. Participants in past youth programs have engaged in project-based learning around themes of bio-tech, urban intervention, gaming, and wearable technology.

Our Student Residency, a new school-year long digital arts and technology program for New York City high school students who are interested in experimenting, learning, and creating with new technology tools. During the program Student Residents work with fellows and residents in internships and mentoring relationships, get training in the creation of new-media tools, and generate individual projects which are then presented at Eyebeam. Check out previous programs here.

The Youth Drop-In @ Eyebeam is an after-school program for NYC public school students, ages 13-18. Each month features a different theme, and includes related hands-on workshops led by experienced artists and technologists, and focuses on developing creative skills essential for aspiring young artists.


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