Aaron Hughes


Aaron Hughes is a former Illinois Army National Guard (ILNG) Sergeant who after serving six years was discharged in June of 2006. He joined the ILNG in order to serve his community and get an education. In 2003 he was involuntarily deployed to Kuwait and Iraq with the belief he would provide humanitarian relief for the Iraqi people. As a truck driver he traveled throughout much of Iraq and quickly came to the realization that he was not providing any type of humanitarian relief, but in stead was contributing to the oppression, destruction, and dehumanization of the Iraqi people. Following a fifteen-month deployment Aaron returned home committed to ending the occupation and US corporate pillaging. He has dedicated his life to creatively fighting dehumanization and oppression.

Aaron Hughes joined Iraq Veterans Against the War in 2006 and has served as s Member, a Chapter President, a Reginal Coordinator, Board Member, and Organizer. He helped found the Winter Soldier Project, Operation First Casualty, the Warrior Writers Project, and the Chicago Chapter.

Aaron is currently working on developing a campaign called "Demilitarized U." to demilitarize the Chicago Public School District, the most militarized school district  in the states, with the largest JROTC program and six military high schools.  www.demilitarizedu.org