Albert Hwang

Eyebeam CV
2011FHonorary Resident

Albert Hwang is a 3d information artist and designer. He is half of the development team, working with Resident Matthew Parker, for Lumarca, an installation piece that displays 3d volumetric content. This visual portal into cyberspace has been exhibited around the world (Siggraph Asia, The Last HOPE, Next no 6), and has received glowing reviews from the likes of Makezine and O'Reilly Radar. He also develops "Spatial Computing," a project proposing a new HCI design paradigm for an AR-saturated future. Spatial Computing has been cited by a variety of notable AR blogs (Games Alfresco,, as an example of how AR may someday feel. Lastly, he performs and dances. He has created a number of original staged works utilizing innovative projection techniques that explore how cyberspace fits on stage and around the body.