Amanda Walker


Amanda Walker is a perfume addict, and has been since kindergarten when her friends made fun of her for exclaiming, “I can smell in my mouth!” As a vegan, organic, local, and raw food advocate, she turned her environmental focus to the cosmetics she uses. Perfume became an obsession for her while working for Manhattan based, multi-billion dollar beauty corporations. She wanted to offer a natural, healthier alternative to synthetic perfumes. While studying with Master Perfumers and Distillers, she was reminded perfume was originally produced from flowers, fruit, herbs and spices. As chemicals are a cheaper alternative today, most perfumes are now formulated entirely with chemicals.

Amanda’s A Perfume Organic offers exquisitely crafted perfumes blended from the finest USDA certified organic botanicals, hand-poured locally in Manhattan in small batches to maintain purity. Amanda has gained acclaim for creating 100% organic blends and sharing her knowledge with her peers through meetings with her local group NYC Natural Perfumers.