Ava Bromberg

Eyebeam CV
STeaching Artist

Ava Bromberg's research and practice focus on creative local economies, public and social goods, community-driven planning and responsible development. She is an institutional entrepreneur hybridizing ownership, governance, and financing innovations that stimulate dynamic community growth and grassroots investment. Ava is presently working on a social entrepreneurial model for commercial real estate, aimed at reinventing strip malls as neighborhood nodes for living local economies where people can shop, learn, socialize and create with the chance to own a piece of the value they help to generate with their presence and participation.

Ava was a 2002-2003 Thomas J. Watson Fellow, is a co-founder of Mess Hall, a storefront experimental cultural center in Chicago, co-organizer of the Just Space(s) exhibition and symposium series, and co-editor of the book Belltown Paradise / Making their own Plans. Ava has a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from UCLA, where she is a doctoral student and former Managing Editor of Critical Planning (Volumes 14+15).