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Becky Heritage, Assistant Bookstore Manager

Becky has worked across a spectrum of educational settings: murals workshops with New York graffiti artists; teaching hardware/software courses; to MFA and BFA students at Parsons School of Art, Media, and Technology; offering soft circuitry workshops in New York City public schools; and game design and soft circuit workshops for adolescents with special needs. She is currently pursuing her second Masters, M.S. Ed in Special Education (9-12), and is researching how computational-thinking and systems-thinking, married with technology-based art forms, can serve as a platform for integrated curriculum. Becky explores pathways of data and implications of perception in pedagogy, tactility, and audio/visual experiences.  Conceptual domains of her art work encompass subcultures, drawing machines, and feedback loops. The mediums include hardware/software setups, drawings, and soft circuitry. Some recent work have been illustrations with game collective Local No. 12, Metagame a card game about video games, and soft circuitry consultation and fabrication with fashion designer Norma Kamali.

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Thumbnail Digital Foundations: Intro to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Suite

xtine burrough & Michael Mandiberg

Digital Foundations uses formal exercises of the Bauhaus to teach the Adobe Creative Suite. All students of digital design and production—whether learning in a classroom or on their...

Thumbnail Digital Musics

Edited by Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf

German - English

This CD presents excerpts of the Digital Musics prize winning works from Prix Ars Electronica 2002

Thumbnail Digital Resistance: Explorations in Tactical Media

Critical Art Ensemble

This third volume of essays in tactical media (following The Electronic Disturbance and Electronic Civil Disobedience) traces the developing topographies of digital intervention....

Thumbnail Dorsality: Thinking Back Through Technology and Politics

David Wills

In this highly original book David Wills rethinks not only our nature before all technology but also what we understand to be technology. Rather than considering the human being as something...

Thumbnail Dough-yo



The Dough-Yo sets a new gold standard when it comes to yo-yos. It’s almost as easy to play as the stock market!

These quality yo-yos are manufactured right here in...

Thumbnail Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy

Stephen Duncombe

What practical political lessons can we learn from corporate theme parks, ad campaigns, video games like Grand Theft Auto, celebrity culture, and Las Vegas? Stephen Duncombe proposes that...

Thumbnail Ecovention: Current Art to Transform Ecologies

Sue Spaid

Coined in 1999, the term ecovention (ecology + invention) describes an artist initiated project that employs an inventive strategy to physically transform an ecosystem. This exciting publication...

Thumbnail Edge Futures - Complete Set

Duncan McCorquodale, ed.

Edge Futures are a series of six books that explore the impact that climate change will have on different aspects of our lives in the future. They are available to order as individual...

Thumbnail Electronic Civil Disobedience

Critical Art Ensemble

Electronic Civil Disobedience continues where The Electronic Disturbance leaves off, suggesting strategies of resistance to nomadic power, and investigating tactics of...

Thumbnail F**k Snowglobes


Available for a limited time only, and for half off — straight from the 7th edition, PureProducts is pleased to bring you yet another high quality snow job. (The first, second, third,...

Thumbnail Fashion Geek

Diana Eng

High fashion goes digital with Diana Eng! In Fashion Geek, Diana pioneers an emerging generation of tech savvy women crafters (or would-be crafters) who demand stylish yet practical designs that...

Thumbnail Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science and Technology

Sabine Seymour

The interplay of electronic textiles and wearable technology, wearables for short, and fashion, design and science is a highly promising and topical subject. Offered here is a compact survey of...

Thumbnail Flesh Machine

Critical Art Ensemble

Having elsewhere explored the dimensions of social and political control in electronic culture, the Critical Arts Ensemble here turns full frontal towards the body, arguing that utopian promises...

Thumbnail For Ever Godard

Michael Temple, James S and Williams, Michael Witt

Since the completion in 1998 of Histoire(s) du cinéma, Godard has featured strongly in debates about audiovisual art and culture, especially regarding questions of...

Thumbnail From Airline Reservations to Sonic the Hedgehog: A History of the Software Industry

Kelly, Martin C.

From its first glimmerings in the 1950s, the software industry has evolved to become the fourth largest industrial sector of the US economy. Starting with a handful of software contractors who...

Thumbnail Gamer Theory

McKenzie Wark

Ever get the feeling that life's a game with changing rules and no clear sides, one you are compelled to play yet cannot win? Welcome to gamespace. Gamespace is where and how we live today. It is...

Thumbnail Grey Room 34

Karen Beckman, Branden W. Joseph, Reinhold Martin, Tom McDonough, Felicity D. Scott, eds.

Anthony White
TV and Not TV: Lucio Fontana's Luminous Images in Movement

Irene Sunwoo
Pedagogy's Progress: Alvin Boyarsky's International Institute of...

Grey Room 36

Karen Beckman, Branden W. Joseph, Reinhold Martin, Tom McDonough and Felicity D. Scott - Ed.

Summer 2009

Grey Room brings together scholarly and theoretical articles from the fields of architecture, art, media, and politics to forge a cross-disciplinary discourse uniquely...

Grey Room 37

Karen Beckman, Branden W. Joseph, Reinhold Martin, Tom McDonough and Felicity D. Scott - Ed.

Grey Room brings together scholarly and theoretical articles from the fields of architecture, art, media, and politics to forge a cross-disciplinary discourse uniquely relevant to contemporary...

Thumbnail Grid<>Matrix

Sabine Eckman

[Grid < > Matrix] is the first publication in the Screen Arts and New Media Aesthetics series, a series of exhibitions and publications that explore the interpenetration of different...

Thumbnail Hacker Culture

Douglas Thomas

This in-depth history of a fascinating subculture contrasts mainstream images of hackers with a detailed firsthand account of the computer underground.  Douglas Thomas studies novels and films (...

Thumbnail Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out

Mizuko Ito

Conventional wisdom about young people's use of digital technology often equates generational identity with technology identity: today's teens seem constantly plugged in to video games, social...

Thumbnail Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations

Clay Shirky

A revelatory examination of how the wildfirelike spread of new forms of social interaction enabled by technology is changing the way humans form groups and exist within...

Thumbnail Imaginal Machines: Autonomy & Self-Organization in the Revolutions of Everyday Life

Shukaitis, Stevphen

All power to the imagination? Over the past forty years to invoke the imagination as a basis for radical politics has become a clich√©: a rhetorical utilization of ideas already in circulation,...

Thumbnail Information, Macht, Krieg

Gerfried Stocker

This text examines the developments and tendencies in the fields of digital art and media, science and society, focusing on the idea and strategies of "cyberwar" - data-aided wars from the Gulf...

Thumbnail Institutional Critique: An Anthology of Artists' Writings

Alexander Alberro, Blake Stimson, eds.

"Institutional critique" is an artistic practice that reflects critically on its own place within galleries and museums and on the concept and social function of art itself...

Thumbnail Interaction : Artistic Practice in the Network

Amy Scholder, Jordan Crandall, eds.

Edited by Jordan Crandall, Amy Scholder, Foreword by John S. Johnson.

Thumbnail Interface Fantasy: A Lacanian Cyborg Ontology

André Nusselder

Cyberspace is first and foremost a mental space. Therefore we need to take a psychological approach to understand our experiences in it. In Interface Fantasy,...

Thumbnail LAB MAG 01 (b+w)

Adam Pendleton and Bartholomew Ryan, eds.

LAB MAG is a fluid Portable Document Format publication, which collects the work of artists, designers and writers. Through the constellation of contributors, LAB MAG begins to articulate itself....

Thumbnail Leonardo April 2008

Roger F. Malina, Executive Editor

Volume 41, Issue 2 - April 2008


Restoring the Continuum - Piero Scaruffi

Extended Abstract

The Destruction of a Nuclear Plant -...