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Becky Heritage, Assistant Bookstore Manager

Becky has worked across a spectrum of educational settings: murals workshops with New York graffiti artists; teaching hardware/software courses; to MFA and BFA students at Parsons School of Art, Media, and Technology; offering soft circuitry workshops in New York City public schools; and game design and soft circuit workshops for adolescents with special needs. She is currently pursuing her second Masters, M.S. Ed in Special Education (9-12), and is researching how computational-thinking and systems-thinking, married with technology-based art forms, can serve as a platform for integrated curriculum. Becky explores pathways of data and implications of perception in pedagogy, tactility, and audio/visual experiences.  Conceptual domains of her art work encompass subcultures, drawing machines, and feedback loops. The mediums include hardware/software setups, drawings, and soft circuitry. Some recent work have been illustrations with game collective Local No. 12, Metagame a card game about video games, and soft circuitry consultation and fabrication with fashion designer Norma Kamali.

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Thumbnail Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames

Ian Bogost

Videogames are both an expressive medium and a persuasive medium; they represent how real and imagined systems work, and they invite players to interact with those systems and form judgments about...

Thumbnail Photography Degree Zero

Batchen, Geoffrey Ed.

Photography Degree Zero, the first anthology of writings on Camera Lucida, goes beyond the usual critical orthodoxies to offer a range of perspectives on Barthes's important book....

Thumbnail Proximity Magazine: Issue 3


There is a lot of hooting going on around town, now that we have Barack Obama as our president. Collectively, we are delighted that Team Bush is tucking up its tail,...

Thumbnail Public Netbase: Non Stop Future : New Practices in Art and Media

Konrad Becker, Branca Curcic, Zoran Pantelic, Felix Stalder, Martin Wassermair, eds.

New information technologies have become ubiquitous and thoroughly established in our everyday lives. This marks the end of a period of intense experimentation and speculations related to the...

Thumbnail Recipes for an Encounter

Marisa Jahn, Berin Golonu, Candice Hopkins -Ed.

Recipes for an Encounter functions as a literary extension to the 2008 group exhibition "Kits for an Encounter" at Vancouver's Western Front, which consisted of work that...

Thumbnail Reclaiming the Media

Bart Cammaerts, Nico Carpentier

In the twentieth century, the media gave whistleblowers a voice, spearheaded the downfall of powerful politicians, and exposed widespread corporate corruption.  How will the twenty-first-century...

Thumbnail Reinventing Los Angeles: Nature and Community in the Global City (Urban and Industrial Environments)

Robert Gottlieb

Describes how water politics, cars and freeways, and immigration and globalization have shaped Los Angeles, and how innovative social movements are working to make a more livable and sustainable...

Thumbnail Replay : Game Design + Game Culture

Amy Scholder and Eric Zimmerman, eds.

Re:Play brings together game designers, new media artists, interdisciplinary curators and players in debate and conversation about technology and design, gaming addictions and...

Thumbnail Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media

Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook. Foreword by Steve Dietz

Rethinking Curating explores the characteristics distinctive to new media art, including its immateriality and its questioning of time and space, and relates them to such...

Thumbnail Revolt, She Said

Kristeva, Julia

In this book Julia Kristeva extends the definition of revolt beyond politicsper se . Kristeva sees revolt as a state of permanent questioning and transformation, of change that...

Thumbnail Rhythm Science

Miller, Paul D.

"Once you get into the flow of things, 
you're always haunted by the way that things could have turned out. 
This outcome, that conclusion. You get my drift. 
The uncertainty is...

Thumbnail Shaping Things

Bruce Sterling

"Shaping Things is about created objects and the environment, which is to say, it's about everything," writes Bruce Sterling in this addition to the Mediawork Pamphlet series. He adds, "...

Thumbnail Situation (Documents of Contemporary Art)

Claire Doherty

Situation—a unique set of conditions produced in both space and time and ranging across material, social, political, and economic relations—has become a key concept in...

Thumbnail Skulptur Projekte Münster 07: Public Sculpture

Kasper Konig, Brigitte Franzen

Skulptur Projekte Münster only happens every 10 years. This, its fourth iteration (following 1977, 1987 and 1997), invites artists from all over the world--many of whom are returning to the city...

Thumbnail Sound Unbound

Miller, Paul D.

The groundbreaking mix CD that accompanies this book features Nam Jun Paik, the Dada Movement, John Cage, Sonic Youth, and many other examples of avant-garde music. Most of the CD's content comes...

Thumbnail Strategic Reality Dictionary: Deep Infopolitics and Cultural Intelligence

Konrad Becker

Strategic Reality Dictionary offers seventy-two keys to the construction, imposition and maintenance of contemporary systems of inclusion and exclusion, which only function for two...

Thumbnail Suspect

John Knechtel, ed.

What is the condition of the suspect in a post-9/11 world? Do perpetual detention, ubiquitous surveillance cameras, and the legal apparatus of the USA Patriot Act target...

Thumbnail Suspect (Alphabet City)

John Knechtel

What is the condition of the suspect in a post-9/11 world? Do perpetual detention, ubiquitous surveillance cameras, and the legal apparatus of the USA Patriot Act target suspects accurately or...

Thumbnail SwanQuake: The User Manual

Scott deLahunta, ed.

The User Manual opens the SwanQuake project up to discursive reflection and expansion through its selection of articles and essays. In the first section,...

Thumbnail Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games

Edward Castronova

From EverQuest to World of Warcraft, online games have evolved from the exclusive domain of computer geeks into an extraordinarily lucrative staple of the entertainment industry....

Thumbnail Taking the Matter Into Common Hands: Contemporary Art and Collaborative Practices

Johanna Billing, Maria Lind, Lars Nilsson, eds.

Taking the Matter into Common Hands maps out the issues surrounding collaborative art from a practitioner’s perspective. With contributions from Marion von Osten, Nav Haq, 16...

Thumbnail The Art of Free Cooperation

Geert Lovink, Trebor Scholz, eds.

Business has a mad crush on collaboration — witness the billions spent on social networking sites, or all the hype around “...

Thumbnail The Artist's Joke (Documents of Contemporary Art)

Jennifer Higgie

Ever since Freud's Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious appeared in 1905, humor both light and dark has frequently surfaced as a subversive, troubling, or liberating element in art...

Thumbnail The Cinematic (Documents of Contemporary Art)

David Campany

The cinematic has been a springboard for the work of many influential artists, including Victor Burgin, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Stan Douglas, Nan Goldin, Douglas Gordon, Cindy Sherman, and Jeff...

Thumbnail The Coming Insurrection

The Invisible Committee

The Coming Insurrection is an eloquent call to arms arising from the recent waves of social contestation in France and Europe. Written by the anonymous Invisible Committee in the vein of...

Thumbnail The Everyday (Documents of Contemporary Art)

Stephen Johnstone

Numerous international exhibitions and biennials have borne witness to the range of contemporary art engaged with the everyday and its antecedents in the work of Surrealists, Situationists, the...

Thumbnail The Exploit: A Theory of Networks

Alexander R. Galloway, Eugene Thacker

The network has become the core organizational structure for postmodern politics, culture, and life, replacing the modern era’s hierarchical systems. From peer-to-peer file sharing and massive...

Thumbnail The New Normal

Connor, Michael, ed.

The New Normal brings together 15 recent artworks by Sophie Calle, Mohamed Camera, Hasan Elahi, Eyebeam R&D / Jonah Peretti & Michael Frumin, Kota Ezawa, Miranda July and Harrell...

Thumbnail The Subliminal History of New York State

Carrie Dashow

The Society for a Subliminal State has published The Subliminal History of New York State: Route of Progress, a hardbound tunebook telling the subliminal history of the Erie Canal...

Thumbnail The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom

Yochai Benkler

With the radical changes in information production that the Internet has introduced, we stand at an important moment of transition, says Yochai Benkler in this thought-provoking book. The...