David Jimison

Eyebeam CV
2010FTeaching Artist
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I believe that the objects and spaces we inhabit affect our behavior, and furthermore our overall state-of-being. I develop interactive immersive installations that elicit new behaviors, and thereby experiences, to the people embedded within them, engaging them in momentary, festive, and outlandish landscapes. This work is an intervention into the everyday via collective engagement with a celebratory moment both absurd and thoroughly other from our normal existence.

I am heavily influenced by both preceding theorists (Lefebvre, Foucault, Artaud, Hakim Bey) and practitioners (Situationist International, Kaprow, Marinetti) who engage with the correlation between designed spaces and controlled behavior. The aesthetics of my work utilize the visual rhetoric of childhood-like symbologies where pillows tranform into forts and sticks into swords. Under such co

nstructs, the imagination is relied upon heavily to (re)interpret the object.