David Xu Borgonjon

david [dot] borgonjon [at] eyebeam [dot] org



David Xu Borgonjon focuses on developing strategies and implementing logistics for visibility at Eyebeam as Communications Manager. He is passionate about finding and using formalisms that appear in both aesthetic and organizational contexts. His projects include "Face to Interface", an on/offline project on digital intimacies for SCREEN, a bilingual Chinese/English media art platform which he co-founded, and "Really, Socialism?!", an exhibition focusing on socialist history as speculative art. His writing appears in Randian, Yishu Journal, The Art of Collection Magazine, and Golden Age: Perspectives on Abstract Painting Today. He has forthcoming writing in the Journal of Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas as well as The Journal for Chinese Contemporary Art. A  the New Museum Seminars, and was previously Curatorial Fellow at Wave Hill and Create Change Fellow at the Laundromat Project. His curatorial projects have been covered in Art in America and Yishu Journal, among other publications. He is on the board of Momenta Art, where he serves on the Curatorial Committee. He received a Dual B.A.-B.F.A. from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, where he was trained as a literary critic and painter, much good it does him.