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Evan Roth is a media maker interested in uses of technology in popular culture and the urban environment. Evan received an MFA from Parsons, where he now teaches courses on visual programming and Geek Graffiti. He was a Fellow at the Eyebeam OpenLab in 2005/06, an open source creative technology research and development lab for the public domain. Evan, along with James Powderly was an inaugural Senior Fellow in Eyebeam’s R&D OpenLab in 2006/07, and co-founder of the Graffiti Research Lab. With the newly appointed R&D OpenLab Fellows, Evan and James continued their quest begun as inaugural Fellows of Eyebeam’s R&D OpenLab in 2005/06, to enrich the public domain.

Evan current lives in Hong Kong with his wife and enjoys spending his free time violating laws related to copyright and vandalism.