Genoa Mungin

Eyebeam CV
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Genoa Mungin is a New York-based curator, writer and video content producer focused on art and the creative use of technology.  With over 7 years of experience in branding and positioning in New York and abroad, Genoa develops, directs and mediates projects between artists, curators, global brands, project spaces and institutions to create strategic partnerships and events across the fields of contemporary art, media, content and creative technology. 

He founded Eyebeam's Storefront project space - a multi-purpose civic platform designed especially for Eyebeam fellows, residents, curators and artists to engage and present works in the form of exhibitions, talks, installations and special events. Previously he worked as an editor and events producer for Tokion Magazine - founding the magazine's first online video content platform.  

Genoa received a Masters in Media & Communication (European Graduate School, Switzerland) with an emphasis on logic and the social production of space.
Living and working between New York and Vienna, Austria he is currently completing a PhD at EGS.

His writings, research and projects are centered around Social Intelligence and the capacities for institutions to negotiate complex social relationships and environments as they affect larger communities and the individual.  His methodology and approach to media, space, relations is informed by a deep study of writers and thinkers such as Ludwig Wittgenstein, Pierre Bourdieu and Henry Lefebvre.