Geoffrey Bell

Eyebeam CV
2006FExhibiting Artist

Geoffrey Bell is a new media designer who specializes in Interactivity and electronic media. With 8 years experience both as a teacher and a working professional, Geoffrey has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. After graduating from The University of Michigan in 1999, Geoffrey has worked for a numerous array of companies and clients in New York City, including MTV Interactive, Penguin Putnam Publishing, internationally renound cartoonist Ted Rall and many other small design shops. In 2000, Geoffrey help jumpstart the multimedia production company, Cosmosis Productions and art directed a team of 20 designers to develop and design the mulitmedia projections for an off-Broadway musical called Fortune Cookie Dreams. Along with his multifaceted design background, Geoffrey has played a significant role as an academic, both publishing papers and conducting research surrounding his many interests in design. Geoffrey loves to share his passion for new media and design with his students and continues to pursue his teaching career in South Korea.