Greg Leuch

Eyebeam CV

Greg Leuch is a creative & user interaction designer with specialty in user interface design, usability, front-end production, and feature development. He and his work have been internationally featured by NBC, The Guardian, CBC, TIME, ARTINFO, MTV, The Creators Project, and GOOD, and has received numerous Reddit frontpages, high-fives, and death threats for his work in combining pop culture with new media art and technology. His work has been shown at the transmediale Festival (Berlin), Netherlands Media Art Institute, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens), and Art Micro Patronage (Internet).

Greg is co-founder of XOlator, a New York City-based creative team. He is also a virtual research fellow of the notorious Free Art & Technology Lab (FAT Lab). He has worked previously as a Senior Designer at BuzzFeed and Director of R&D at Know Your Meme / Rocketboom. He holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Auburn University.

Tags: Resident