James George

Eyebeam CV

James George is a media artist and software developer using code to create images and interactions in physical space. His work seeks to create illusory and playful experiences by taking the form of permanent installations, experimental film and mobile applications. Inspired by emerging technology, he hacks cameras, screens and sensors to discover their unintended expressive potential. Through sharing his software and teaching workshops, he enables others to express themselves using the tools he develops. His projects have been exhibited at The Conflux Festival (New York 2009), Beall Center for Art and Technology (USA 2010), Enter5 (Czech Republic 2011) Interaction IOI (Spain 2011), and The Creators Project (New York 2011). He directed software development to create permanent installations for the University of Central Florida and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England in 2011.

James is currently a fellow at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University where he is conducting ongoing interviews with the leading minds in art and technology; capturing them with a novel form of 3d scanning combining depth sensing cameras and DSLR video. He is also an adjunct faculty at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program where he instructs on the appropriation of game engines towards interactive installations.

Tags: Resident