Jason Kottke

Eyebeam CV
2006FHonorary Fellow
SHonorary Fellow
2005FHonorary Fellow
SHonorary Fellow

Jason Kottke currently lives in Manhattan with his wife Meg and son Ollie. For fun and income, I build web sites and edit kottke.org. Mis favorite font right now is Whitney by Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

He believes that when people talk about solving problems with technology, what they're usually talking about is solving problems with design...which is to say, the application of psychology in a visual & functional context. He prefers red wine to white, movies to films, jeans to khakis, vanilla to chocolate, Pixar to Dreamworks, the subway to taxis, nonfiction to fiction, and Safari to Firefox. He's lived in WI, IA, MO, MN, CA, NY, NH, and, briefly, France. He doesn't have a plan.

Research: Open Lab