Joel Holmberg

Eyebeam CV
2005FExhibiting Artist

Joel Holmberg, 2005-present

Joel Holmberg is a Los Angeles-based artist, one of the founding members of the Nasty Nets surfing club, and the creative force behind Chillsesh. Combining original performance and video with mash-ups of all kinds, Holmberg's site makes the line between what he's found and what he's originally authored difficult to decipher. Selected works include Palm Tree Palindrome, a video that features a mesmeric procession of palm trees on either side of the frame, evoking film sprockets and the notable absence of narrative in a piece with a seemingly forward thrust; BwO, which hilariously elevates the soft-focus effects in a scene from the movie My Life starring Michael Keaton to the metaphysical by overlaying a reading of A Thousand Plateaus, a famous book by theorists Deleuze and Guattari; and  Log roll, which literally shows the artist rolling across an empty studio, a repetitive gesture amplified by a technique that rolls the video back and forth in perpetual motion.

Tags: video