Jonathan Minard

Eyebeam CV

Jonathan Minard is a new-media documentarian with a background in anthropology. His work follows cultural shifts at the frontiers of technology and art, and develops new cinematic techniques for crafting stories of invention and discovery.

His most recent projects explore culture through data. Clouds, a computational documentary in collaboration with James George, engages an international community of media artists in conversation about networked creativity, digital art and code.

At Eyebeam, Jonathan is researching the future of long-term digital storage, looking at the history of the Internet and attempts to archive its contents on a massive scale: from’s Wayback Machine, to Amazon’s Glacier. The Archive documentary takes a deeper look at humanity’s dependence on digital memory, how we choose what collections of information, cultural artifacts and artworks to preserve for future generations, and the risks of digital obsolescence from both a personal and global perspective.