Josh Greene

Eyebeam CV
2008FExhibiting Artist

Josh Greene is a San Francisco-based conceptual artist. His work usually is focused around creating interactions between people, and he is probably best known for his work with creating funds and grants, and by enabling others to create and show their art through a new medium, namely, his projects. In keeping with an interest in the interpersonal and relationships, he ran an unlicensed therapy practice (since ordered to cease and desist by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences). He has also focused on the distribution of wealth and the concept of money in his work selling money for less than its face value, giving away money on a street corner, placing the entire contents of his apartment for sale, and in buying signs from the homeless and having them redesigned by a graphic designer. He also has a fascination with the culinary arts and the art of food service, and began a restaurant out of his studio apartment called EAT, where he served as the cook for the meals. Continuing the theme of the meal in his art, he served a dinner as an art project for the staff at Southern Exposure in San Francisco, and his latest project, entitled Service-Works, melds his work at a high-end restaurant in San Francisco with his grant giving.