Judith Gieseler


Judith Gieseler Dipl-Ing.Arch, MSAAD, AKBW

Judith A. Gieseler holds a professional degree in Architecture from University of Kaiserslautern, Germany and a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, New York. Judith is a licensed architect in Germany (AKBW).

Judith has worked in architecture offices in Europe and North America, including Bolles-Wilson Architects in Germany and Mecanoo Architects in the Netherlands.

Since 2002, Judith has been Assistant Professor for Design and Building Construction at the Technical University of Berlin. In 2008, she was Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at UBC, Vancouver.

Judith’s research focuses on digital design technologies generated and applied in the framework of biologically and algorithmically inspired processes and digitally assisted sustainable design.

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