Julia Reodica

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Julia Reodica currently resides in the United States. She is an art/science educator, a practicing artist, and a Registered Nurse in the critical care setting. Her on-going work includes traditional art practices and the use of laboratory tools or biotechnology. The art work is intended to express social commentary and encourage public inquiry. Living art work addresses issues of sustained life in novel environments. Science-related work based on utilizing living systems for exhibition was developed through work in art/science museums and institutions in the U.S. and internationally. In various publications and symposiums, her views on innovative mammalian tissue sculpting and the social impact of scientific research have raised new ethical and aesthetic questions about the new "body" of art.

Medical research is based on evidence-based practices in the clinical setting that impacts the treatment of critically ill patients or help transition them into the infinite. Cultural research reflects upon social expectations that influence the communication of symbolic meanings pertaining to the organic body and its parts. Laboratory research considers progressive tissue culturing technology, cellular communication and the dynamics essential for organism survival in experimental environments.