Katie Torn

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Katie Torn is a digital media artist and professor currently living in New York City. Her work employs computer programs used for Hollywood films and commercials to create experimental video works and digital prints that reflect observations on American consumerism, culture, and its impact on the environment and human body. Inspired by Cubism and Futurism, movements that strived to find new ways to express what life was like in an industrial age, Katie uses new technologies to express what life is like in the digital age where interacting in a virtual space is an everyday activity.

Katie studied studio art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduating with an MFA in 2012.Most recently she performed a live video piece at VIA Music and New Media Festival in Pittsburgh, screened work at SPACE 1026 in Philadelphia, and exhibited work at Platform gallery in New York City. She has a two-person show coming up this fall at Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Center in Chicago.

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