Lee Walton

Eyebeam CV
SExhibiting Artist

Lee Walton is an Experientialist whose projects and performances are full of humor, detailed planning, and interaction with the outside world.  Serendipitous combinations of rule and chance, Walton’s projects are always playful, precisely calibrated, conceptually on-target and deeply attentive to the everyday patterns and rhythms of contemporary city life. After a two-year affiliation with the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin, Walton has received many accolades, from the Video Selections at the 8th Havana Biennale, to multiple residencies and fellowships as well as an induction into the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

Walton has exhibited at numerous venues both nationally and internationally, most recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art Berlin. He has been invited to lecture and lead projects at various institutions, including the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art and the Psy-Geo-Conflux in New York. Walton holds a M.F.A in visual arts from the California College of Arts, SF and currently lives in Brooklyn.