Luther Cherry

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SStudent Resident
2009FStudent Resident

Luther Cherry is currently a Junior and cello major at LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts. He participated in Eyebeam’s Digital Day Camp in the summer of 2009, and still can’t stop talking about it. Luther loves art and technology, and has found an interest in interacting with the public. He helped create a “Pop Up Party” under the Highline, and wants to create a trend of Pop Up Parties all over the country.

Luther loves fashion, and considers himself pretty fierce. He likes keeping everything neat and clean, and rearranges his room in every set up possible. Luther used to write for, but is now retired and writes reviews for High 5. He has an alternate persona, who goes by the name of Luther Yamaguchii. In his spare time he writes a fashion blog,, and makes bracelets out of various materials he finds around the town and his house.