Lynn Hershman Leeson

Eyebeam CV
SExhibiting Artist

Lynn Hershman Leeson has been internationally acclaimed for her pioneering use of new technologies and her investigations of issues that are now recognized as key to the working of our society: identity in a time of consumerism, privacy in an era of surveillance, interfacing of humans and machines, and the relationship between real and virtual worlds. In 2007 a retrospective at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester, Autonomous Agents, featured a comprehensive range—from the Roberta Breitmore videos from the 1980s and interactive installations that use the Internet and artificial intelligence software. Her influential early ventures into performance and photography are also featured in the current touring exhibition WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution, organized by the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Hershman Leeson is presently at work on a feature-length documentary about the revolutionary feminist art movement. Secret Agents Private I, Hershman Leeson is Chair of the Film Department at the San Francisco Art Institute, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Davis and an A.D. White Professor at Large at Cornell University.