Maria Michails

Eyebeam CV
2011FHonorary Resident

Maria Michails is a new media artist working at the confluence of art, technology and ecology.  Her participatory works combine mechanical engineering, digital media, sculpture and architecture to create environments activated by the public.  The human-powered energy generating mechanisms/objects in her projects function as an entry point into installations that contextually bridge historical resource consumption with current environmental problems.  The works are often place-specific but have global significance as well.  Energy is at the core of each project, requiring human expenditure (interaction) for human consumption and is connected to a local resource, such as water or topsoil.  Michails has received numerous research and creative grants, fellowships and residencies in support of her work.  She has an MFA in Intermedia from Arizona State University and a BFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.  She has exhibited widely in group and solo shows in Europe and North America.  At Eyebeam she will be expanding on her human-powered mechanisms to make them accessible to the public and will be working on combining the mechanical aspect of a new project called S*OIL, with computational and living systems.