Marina Zurkow and Scott Paterson with Julian Bleecker

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Marina Zurkow is a polymedia artist whose work draws from character development and narrative inquiry in several contexts: the animated cartoon, the physical object, interactive space, and printed graphics. The physical objects that Zurkow makes address how her characteriological and pictogrammic languages can reside in the zones between digital and analog spaces, and between the handmade and the computer-made worlds.

Scott Paterson is an information architect whose work seeks the possibility for "architecture" as a protocol between the virtual and the real, as an interface between the activity of our daily lives and the space of the internet.

Julian Bleecker has been involved in technology design, the development of mobile and networked technology systems, and scholarly work studying the mechanisms by which technology design and innovation occurs. Currently, his interests are focused on exploring the relationships between place and social engagement through the use of 802.11 ìWiFiî technology.

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