Mary Mattingly

Eyebeam CV

Mary Mattingly’s work collapses boundaries between performance, sculpture, architecture, and documentation. Through wearable environments and autonomous living systems, her practice addresses nomadic themes that are based on the need to migrate due to current and future environmental and political situations.

Mary is the founder of the Waterpod Project: a self-sufficient habitat and public space atop a barge built to explore future collaborative living situations. It docked throughout New York City, with artists living onboard testing the ecosystem for the project’s duration. Over 200,000 people visited the Waterpod in 2009.

Formally contingent on mapping worldwide human migration patterns, Mary’s current projects are itinerant, small-scale architectural interventions that morph into preexisting structures, reflecting city dwellers’ movements and exchanges while attempting to alter the despotic effects of economic development.

Her work has been featured in ArtForum, the New York Times, the New Yorker, the Financial Times, Le Monde Magazine, ICON, The Brooklyn Paper, Aperture, BBC News, MSNBC, Fox 5, WNBC, and shown both nationally and internationally.