Matt Jones

Eyebeam CV
2002FExhibiting Artist

Matt Jones is a British artist/designer. He was creative director for the award-winning BBC News Online and, after some time as a consultant at Sapient and KPMG, returned to the BBC to design BBC's web search and an ambitious social software service. For the past three years he has been at Nokia, firstly in design research and now as Director of User-Experience Design for Nokia Design Multimedia. He coined the phrase "War-chalking" which is a is a derivation of "war-dialing," the old 1980s-era hacker trick of dialing phone numbers at random in search of an open modem tone. The real inspiration, however, comes from the old hobo practice of using chalk symbols to guide future travelers on the road. Instead of pointing out where to find free food and lodging, war-chalking symbols point out the local node, its status, and the available bandwidth. He currently explores themes from his research into the universal human urge to play and how it relates to the way we design our technology, our environments and our future.