Maya Kalogera

Eyebeam CV
2005FExhibiting Artist

Maya Kalogera is an interdisciplinary artist. Born in Zagreb, she holds a BFA from the School of Applied and Visual arts, Zagreb and a master's degree from Architecture University, Zagreb. She works with a diverse palette of tools including paintings, photography, video, sound, space, networks and programming. She is a member of the online collective She also collaborates as freelancer with; a multimedia and 3D game producer advancing her media and programming skills. At present, she is working on a virtual tour of the exhibition II Croatian International Biennial of Illustration at the Gallery Klovicevi Dvori, Zagreb. She won Visiting Arts Grant from Henry Moore Foundation in March 2004 with artist Anya Lewin. She is working on ongoing project about e-loneliness, exploring the ways in which digital media influences social and spatial relationships. The first phase of project is due to finish in 2014.In her work she is interested in how people participate in physical and virtual spaces. This has led to the development of digital tools and interactive projects as "Ground of My Studio", Accessible Happiness, Is this a picture?, Rothko generator, and the BRR proposal. In December 2003, she co-curated international mixed media exhibition Ground of My Studio in Gradec Gallery, Zagreb. The exhibition theme was about artists' transition from analog to digital media. The goal of this new media project was to accentuate parallel articulation of similar ideas, visual experiences as forms in the online/offline zones, offline zone as a new circuit of net intensity, transforming of 'white cube' to soft, fluid, evolving experience and 'virtual is part of the real' syntagma. The story about finding the new medium was told through the spatial instalallation.

Research: Education Lab
Tags: circuit, web