Michael Frumin

Eyebeam CV

Technical Director R&D Open Lab

May 2005 to August 2006

Michael Frumin, was the R&D Technical Director of the Eyebeam OpenLab, where he guided and developed creative technology projects in the public domain. He began his career in original and creative technology-based research while working on advanced networking protocols as an undergraduate at Stanford University. After school, he was a founding member of a team of hackers using their quantitative skills to find proprietary, novel real-time sources of qualitative information for hedge fund managers. Eager to develop projects in the public domain and for the arts community, Michael accepted the prototype Research Fellowship Eyebeam where he has been the primary developer of FundRace.org, the reBlog (also an open source software project: reBlog.org), ForwardTrack, VGMap (Vectorized Google Maps), OGLE (OpenGLExtractor), Pizza Party, and other works, some still in development. He is currently studying Transportation Systems Engineering and Operations Research at MIT, in Boston.