Paolo Cirio

Eyebeam CV

Paolo Cirio works as a media artist in various fields: net-art, street-art, video-art, software-art and transmedia fictions. His primary inspiration is in corporate and state interventions through the tactical use of information power, which is depicted and interpreted in his radical and controversial art works. Paolo carves information flows through the re-contextualisation, manipulation and dissemination of data via various media. His artistic work explores the social, political and economic influence of information, through the media and techniques necessary for spreading it. Paolo creates works that structure information, in which data take on forms that are able to influence a mass audience actively, while embodying innovative aesthetic qualities.

His subversive projects are often covered by the global media, occasionally with legal consequences. For his much-publicized project "Face To Facebook," part of the Hacking Monopolism Trilogy, he stole a million Facebook profiles and republished them on a dating website without authorization. He also freely (and illegally) redistributed digital books from, highlighting discrepancies in Amazon's e-commerce model. He was once investigated by the Departments of National Defense of both the U.S. and Canada for organizing an internet participative action against NATO. At Eyebeam, Paolo is researching tactical transmedia fictions, critical finance and privacy issues related to monopolistic Internet platforms.

Research: Open Culture
Tags: fellow