Peter Sinclair

Eyebeam CV
2002FAdvisory Council
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Peter Sinclair is a well known sound artist living in Marseille, France.   He is known for his installations and other cross-disciplinary works which using sound as their principal medium.  Excited by technology but handling it with critical irony, his work has moved from burlesque mechanics, through the misuse of computers to performance that parodies modern media language in transatlantic streamed collaborations.

Aside form his personal artistic productions Peter Sinclair participates in various collectives such as "PacJap" and "Daisy Chain" and he has been working with New York based artist G.H. Hovagimyan since 1996.  Their collaborative works, which include Exercises in Talking, a Soapopera for Laptops, Heartbreak Hotel, Shooter and Rant/Ran Back/Back Rant have been shown frequently in Europe and the United States.