Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley

Eyebeam CV

Artists have set out to start a window farm craze in NYC. Britta and Rebecca will work with agricultural, architectural and other specialists to create high-profile prototype window farms and means for sharing design ideas to meet varying local situations around the city. This project fits within the larger context of the artists' collaborative work: crowdsourced R&D solutions for environmental issues. Their inspiration for community involvement derives from concepts of local production (think of the coming network of 3-D multi-material printers), mass customization, and mass collaboration enabled by Web 2.0.

They envision the DIY aspects, not as a nostalgia-inducing hobby or a compromise during hard financial times, but as a futuristic infrastructure-light alternative to big R&D. Through a combination of social media and good old window advertising, they hope to frame a movement where people feel validated, motivated to contribute, and welcomed into an effort to break apart scientific breakthroughs into actionable local tasks.

Rebecca and Britta believe it's time to take the general public's insights and potential contributions to the environmental movement more seriously.