Richard Wright

Eyebeam CV
SExhibiting Artist

Richard Wright is a media artist and researcher working in the field of digital moving image and interactive techniques. Over the last twenty years his work has been exhibited and screened at numerous festivals, exhibitions and seminars and broadcast by television channels around the world.

Previous films include Heliocentrum (1995) - a cross between a political documentary and a Seventeenth century rave video and LMX Spiral (1998), a conceptual music video about the eighties. His last film was Foreplay (2004) – described as a “porn film without the sex”. In 2001 he completed the online screensaver The Bank of Time which was nominated for a BAFTA award. His most recently completed project was The Mimeticon – a “Baroque search engine” that uses image recognition to create a form of visual writing. Since 2004 he has been a core member of the artist led organisation Mongrel which hosts the MediaShed in Southend-on-Sea.