Sasheem Silkiss-Hero

Eyebeam CV

Sasheem Silkiss-Hero, Development Associate

Sasheem Silkiss-Hero makes connections. Sasheem was previously on the staff of non-profit and trade publishing houses, in both an editorial and development capacity. She has planned outreach campaigns for authors and activists; joined human rights, literary, arts, and educational organizations to create outreach, development and communications initiatives, and staffed major arts and fundraising events. Her recent work with the 2009 PEN World Voices Festival and Women for Afghan Women has given her a renewed sense of optimism for the possibility of creating significant public dialogues on human rights, social, and cultural issues through the telling of stories and engagement with art. Born in Newport, Rhode Island, raised in the Pacific Northwest and able to see the Statue of Liberty from her Brooklyn apartment, she can’t imagine ever living far from the sea. She has a BA in Art History and English from Vassar College.