Ulf Langheinrich

Image courtesy of V2
Eyebeam CV
SExhibiting Artist

The career of Ulf Langheinrich is best known for his internationally acclaimed work in the two-man group, Granular Synthesis. The project, which began in 1991 with these two self-proclaimed "media terrorists", does more in the way of a performance than it does to define the men involved.

Having grown up in an industrial region of East Germany, Langheinrich's early life was filled with artificial and sterile imagery and sounds. Every sound, particularly those that are formed in repetitious patterns (from the sound of breath, to drops of water, to the pounding of industrial machinery) became influential and important in Langheinrich's early life. Not only because this repetition was a constant reminder of the opression he lived with, but because it is the sonic quality of such repetition he believes, that brings one to a state of semi-consciousness; an altered state of reality.

Langheinrich has realized several solo projects aimed at achieving a direct sensory impact. They focus on creating specific modulations of the projected material in time and in the projection-space, and effecting interference movements between the perceptive and processing potential of the eye-brain-apparatus.