Vahida Ramujkic

Eyebeam CV

Vahida Ramujkic, born in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro), lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. With Rotorrr (, a collective founded in 2001, Ramujkic has a initiated and participated in a series of experiments in "terrestrial water and air" environments that are favorable to the generation of tools and terrains for social interaction, bottom-up self-organization and community generation. Their explorations engage technologies and methodologies such as mappings, collaborative games, manuals, guides and tours. Ramujkic is also completing a long-term investigation concerning the bureaucracy of EU immigration policies, due to be published as a book in Spring 2006.

Ramujkic's residency is in conjunction with Hangar Centre de Producció d’Arts Visuals in Barcelona.

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Tags: games, mapping, participatory
Partner Organizations: Hangar