Veronica Skogberg

Eyebeam CV

Veronica Skogberg is a 3D artist with the focus on lighting. Before Eyebeam she freelanced as a lighter at Curious Pictures in New York City. She is originally from Sweden, where she studied painting, sculpture, product design and 3D animation. She completed her BFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design.

At Eyebeam Skogberg will develop three computer graphic environments, created to look like film settings or still lives, where the mood is set by lighting and color. She intends the audience to, "imagine what has just happened or is about to happen in each scene, according to their own experience. I will use subtle animation to build mood and play with the audience’s expectations. The project is an experiment with the different ways audiences view still life, photography and moving image and how to embed and invite imagination and story into a single shot."

Research: Production Lab