Wolfgang Gil

Claudia Ariano
wolfgang [at] eyebeam [dot] org
Eyebeam CV
2012FExhibiting Artist

Venezuelan born American sound artist and programmer Wolfgang Gil explores the interrelationship of sound, the listener, and the space of listening. Gil’s sounds are temporally discrete, physical events; and yet are linked in layered logics to produce unified, tangible, sonic constructions. He creates sound that goes beyond the speaker; filling, narrowing, dividing, coloring, saturating, and emptying the space of listening.

Gil’s work is experiential. Thus, it is in the listener’s willingness to engage in a personal dialog with the sound and space that the work finds its purpose. In Gil's work, sound becomes the contexts in which the listener is encouraged to contemplate time, space, and the act of listening itself.

In 2012 Gil, Daniel Neumann, and Richard Garet launched a portable gallery/platform under Garet’s record label Contour Editions. With a focus on multichannel sound installations, the platform addresses the needs of sound works that require a specialized listening situation in order to be fully experienced. For Contour Editions – Installation, the situation of listening is considered to be an integral part to the works themselves. The completed work is not the audio file, as it would be on CD or .MP3 releases, but the total conditions within the space where the work is presented. Gil performs different roles in the organization, including curatorial and production responsibilities. Contour Editions – Installation has released 7 such installation works with Gil’s close involvement.