Woody Vasulka

Eyebeam CV
SExhibiting Artist

Woody Vasulka is a renowned video and electronic media artist who has participated in major video festivals worldwide, given lectures, published articles, composed music, built instruments of electronic visualization and made numerous videotapes.For over three decades he has maintained his presence on the international media art scene, formulating and articulating esthetic strategies of the new media.

Before the end of the millenium, with a collective of well-known media artists of Santa Fe, Vasulka initiated and conducted a workshop titled Techne&Eros through the Santa Fe Art Institute, which led to the formation of the Art and Science Laboratory, a research group dedicated to the practices common to art and sciences.

Presently, he is organizing the Vasulka Archive, a large collection of papers, publications, tapes and instruments related to the history of electronic art.



Tags: video