Mapping Homelessness: An Intro To Ushahidi

Homelessness Mapping: An Intro To Ushahidi

Participants in this workshop map of amenities for homelessness with the Ushahidi platform, an open source tool that allows rapid mobile input into a collaborative map and database. After installing and setting up an instance of the Ushahidi platform, the group explores the Eyebeam neighborhood, photographing and geolocating aspects of the city they notice. While imagining what it would be like to live without reliable housing they use smartphones to map places to find work, places to relax in safety, places to get food and shelter, places to take a family, social services.

Workshop is part of Re:Group: Beyond Models of Consensus is an exhibition curated and organized by Eyebeam, Not An Alternative, and Upgrade! NY which examines models of participation and participation as a model in art and activism.

Video shot and edited by Brandon Jourdan of Not An Alternative

Cast: Not An Alternative



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