Accessible Happiness


Accessible Happiness
Accessible Happiness (AH) is a prototype under development. It started as one artist's personal point of view on blogs, specifically video blogs. AH is an online/offline installation where users can participate in the current 'flow' of some pleasant emotional states (happiness). Although the initial moods/files are uploaded by an author, AH allows the user to add material via the site's A/V editors. Individual expressions are layered together, as holistic and direct means for continuously examining the possibilities of combining the imagery and the audio. AH decomposes, collapses, melts and dissolves files, accentuating and diminishing their impact. The piece creates often surprising narrative threads. AH doesn’t respond to any fixed boundaries, but could be described as an A/V book, one sequence in VJing, an eclectic mix of print and new media styles, an ever-changing digital painting and/or an immediate and fluid browser/less net piece.

The artist will demonstrate the numerous methods for processing and displaying the files via a local version ofAH. She will illustrate for the audience the main principle of the piece when completed: all graphical (visuals, texts) uploaded files will be displayed in previously designed shapes (no grids, no rectangulars), with custom commands (dynamic dragging, resizing, transparency, context menu, etc.). When finished, AH will be located at

Project Created: 
September 2005
Projects: Accessible Happiness
People: Maya Kalogera
Project Type: Web
Tags: web