Alvin Sonic Incubator


Alvin Sonic Incubator
TheĀ Alvin Sonic Incubator is a sound sculpture, composed of Plexiglas, speakers, audio electronics, wire, and metal filings. It is a crude neural network in which 8 sound sources build electrical connections to each other, creating a soundscape that evolves independent of human manipulation or computer control.

Viewers encounter the machine in its latent state, with no audible sound. Lights blink peacefully in sync with 8 subsonic pulses, lighting the room. The speaker cones rise and fall as if breathing. Metal filings grow into dynamic and changing magnetic forms once sound is added to the system. To start the process, a simple switch labeled: Procreate (learn) and Die (forget) can be flipped. A beginning tone is then added to the system. This tone will jostle metal filings, which grow to form electrical connections, producing audible sound elsewhere in the system. The sound will continue to grow until the environment within the sonic incubator is depleted of metal filings. Phasing patterns produce a music of overtones that change as a viewer moves throughout the room. At any time, the process can be aborted by flipping the switch back to Die (Forget).

Project Created: 
September 2005