American Dreams


Increasingly aware of the daily, ever increasing intensity of American identity peddling, I began to reflect on my own child hood and the perpetual contest that made up the seemingly perfect American suburbia I was raised in. Thoughts of my father, always concerned with what the neighbors thought and how he was doing compared to them, were the genesis of America Dreams.

In the first piece of this series, The Joneses, depicts two middle class working men, silent in there jealousy and desire to have more and better things than the other, drive their identical cars head-on into each other, feet hard on their gas peddles, in soft collision of mutual consent that joins their cars into one over time.

Thinking about the icons and stereotypes that came from my father's generation, the second piece of the triptych called Go West, was born from the great road films of the 60's. In this composition, a Porsche Spyder, driven by a "classic rebel" and his girlfriend with the wind in their hair, tries to pull away from its merged fraternal twin, a 50's Ford truck occupied by an old, worn-down farmer and his dog.

With Sigh of Me's two VW Beetle, one 60's and one contemporary model, are joined at their sides and face opposite directions, like misfortunate Siamese twins. In the drivers seat of each car is a hipster girl styled appropriately for her respective era, one dressed as a 60's Nancy Sinatra and her twin, now in her later years, attempting to recapture her youth. Both have shopping bags in their respective cars, filled with clothes, records, etc., and a blank expression on their faces - deflated after shopping, only able to go round and round in this consuming cycle forever.

These three compositions will be created as photorealistic computer graphic 3D models, and out put as large format color prints. Brief animations will be shown along side the prints, situating these automotive events in various diverse everyday settings. It is my hope that full life-size replicas of these vehicles and their occupants can eventually be made to manifest these hyper real events in perpetual plastic.

People: Brett McConnell
Project Type: Animation, Video