An Eyebeam Nativity


For the 2009 Holiday Hackshop, Eyebeam asked the current Student Residents to create an eyebeam-themed installation for their window gallery. In the holiday spirit, they designed An Eyebeam Nativity, which recreated the nativity scene using the founding principals, technologies, and people of Eyebeam as a basis for the design.

The center piece was "Baby Eyebeam" (in the place of baby jesus) and it represented the melding of technology, the arts, and bright ideas. Surrounding the baby were the three wise men played by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Linus Torvalds; and with Ada Lovelace in the role of Mary. The whole scene was bordered by the different aspects of art/tech culture - ranging from Pokeman as the North star, to a digitally generated wreath, to a pile of old T.V.s for "snow."

Project Created: 
January 2010