Aphrodite Project: Platforms


Aphrodite Project: Platforms is an interactive artwork that combines the rich mythology of Aphrodite, the priestesses/prostitutes of ancient
Greece, with the advertising and safety concerns of contemporary sex workers in the streets, providing technological access to people for whom it would not normally be available. Video and installation artist Norene Leddy, ( http://www.nobetty.net) is working with new media artist and physical computing expert Andrew Milmoe (http://www.milmoe.com) to prototype sandals for sex workers that utilize the latest wireless and GPS technology in order to enhance their job performance and ensure their safety while working. The sandal prototype will be embedded with an LCD screen, GPS receiver, radio beacon and speakers. Leddy will also create a web site that allows the sex worker to customize the sandals and offers a secure community network with email, chat room and “problem client” blog. For more information visit http://www.nobetty.net/platforms

Project Created: 
April 2006
People: Andrew Milmoe, Norene Leddy
Project Type: Hacking, Hardware, Physical Computing, Video, Wearables
Tags: locative media, shoes