Art Cache Machine, WiJacker and Proximity


Julian Bleecker explores practical and playful uses of WiFi through a series of projects created with the WiFi Toolkit, a set of software APIs Bleecker developed as Engineer in Residence at Eyebeam. Art Cache Machine, the WiJacker and Proximity are three WiFi-enabled applications developed to investigate the possibilities of "partially connected" WiFi social networks using access points deliberately off the public internet. Art Cache Machine is a mobile WiFi node that provides an access point for specific digital art that can only exist within the locale of the Machine's WiFi node. WiJacker assumes the role of a WiFi node by hijacking the activity of users. Proximity is an ad-hoc communication service that enables connections between devices without user intervention.

Project Created: 
January 2003
Projects: Art Cache Machine, WiJacker and Proximity
People: Julian Bleecker
Project Type: Electronics, Hacking, Hardware
Tags: Art Cache Machine, Proximity, WiJacker